Could you benefit from a grant from Progress Housing Group's Community Investment Fund?

Progress Housing Group has a Community Investment Fund; a pot of money that can be applied for by community groups to develop projects that will benefit local communities in areas where the Group has properties.

The Community Investment Fund is available to all community groups and applications to the fund are reviewed at regular meetings of the community events working party, which is made up of customers and staff of the Group. They decide if funds are to be awarded for each application.

Whilst we have made the application process as simple as possible, it does take some time to complete. But we can also support you with your application to us, if you need help.

Extra support during COVID-19 - Emergency Fund

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we realised that community groups needed access to funding much more quickly in order to support their local communities. We therefore introduced a new way for these groups to apply for funding.

The emergency application process was introduced at the beginning of April with the specific aim of enabling groups to be able to support their local communities through the pandemic. It made applying for funds of up to £500 much simpler and quicker.

Since its introduction, we have received applications from 20 groups and awarded over £9,881 to help support the work they are doing in our communities.

This has included supporting local foodbanks, local community radio, and sporting and arts activities. Here are what some of the groups have had to say about the funding they received.

Burneside Parish Residents Association

"We have bought and built a storage frame by the central bus stop in the village and turned it into a food share.

"Every week the Residents Association spend some money on food and care packs which we put in the box for anyone to help themselves. We have done a meal pack, when each bag contains ingredients for a meal for four people, and care packs. The care packs have hand sanitisers or wipes, toilet roll and shower gel."

Radio Leyland

Radio Leyland was one of the first recipients of emergency funding from Progress Housing Group. The station manager said:

"Grant applications often take a huge amount of time to fill in so we really appreciated Progress' easy-to-complete application form. It was very pleasing to be able to state our case quickly and in simple terms, receive an answer within a couple of days and put the funding to almost immediate use.

"Community radio is a friendly voice in our listeners' homes and cars. Unfortunately, coronavirus restrictions and the older age of some of our volunteers meant it had become inadvisable for us to continue using our central studio.

"We already had the know-how to broadcast from remote locations, but without more equipment some of our presenters would have been unable to continue with us through the lockdown period. So the grant from Progress, which enabled us to purchase several kits that volunteers can use with their laptops, to record programmes or broadcast them live, from their home, was a lifesaver.

"Thank you very much, Progress Housing Group!"


How to apply for funding from Progress Housing Group

If you'd like to apply for funding from our Community Investment Fund, including our Emergency Fund, you can find more information by clicking this link which will take you to the application forms. Good luck!

For more information about funding from Progress Housing Group, and our community involvement projects and services, please email, call us on 03333 204 555 or visit our Progress Involvement website pages by clicking this link.

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