Our Scrutiny Pool is made up of tenants who volunteer their time to work with us and an independent consultant to look at different areas of the business to see how services can be improved.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, April’s meeting was cancelled. However, earlier in the year, we ran a Scrutiny Pool meeting via Skype from two locations. We tested it before, as much as we could, and had IT colleagues on standby at each site. The meeting wasn’t without its glitches, we lost visual and sound from time to time, but it was a test and proved that moving forward, it would be possible to host a meeting and have people join in from around the country. The agenda got covered, and feedback was that it was a friendly and enjoyable meeting. That was January 2020.
Fast forward to March 2020, and technology provided a solution in the form of an app called ‘Zoom,’ so in May, we started to use Zoom to continue our customer engagement meetings and involvement activities virtually. This enabled us to complete the scrutiny review of the letters sent to customers when arranging the annual gas safety inspection.
The letters will be introduced shortly and sent to customers when we are arranging the gas safety inspection, so you will soon be able to see the result of this scrutiny review yourself.
Find out more
If you would like to get involved, find out more about our Scrutiny Pool, or you would like to join one of the Zoom meetings (support can be given if you are not technically minded but would like to join in), please contact the Progress Involvement Team on 03333 204555. 204555 or email community@