During the pandemic, we have continued to work in partnership with Glendale’s to provide gardening and landscaping services such as grass cutting, spraying, and weeding of areas on our main estates, communal open spaces to flats and independent living schemes.

Glendale is assessing all of the works undertaken daily, which may mean applying restrictions to work in some areas. This is to ensure operatives can safely carry out the work while adhering to the social distancing rules set out by the government. The grass cutting service will be less frequent than usual due to the impact on the performance of new, safer working practices, including operating social distancing.

Our independent living schemes and communal gardens will not be accessible by residents while operatives are on site unless in the event of an emergency.

We would also ask our customers to maintain social distancing and not to approach operatives working on-site.

In our independent living schemes, we are aiming to provide three days’ notice to all scheme co-ordinators of the intended commencement date of any works so that they can arrange for notices to be placed on noticeboards and communal doors of schemes. Scheme co-ordinators will also make you aware on their daily calls.

Find out more If you have any queries regarding the grounds maintenance services, please contact us on 03333 204555, live chat or email leasehold@progressgroup.org.uk