Progress Housing Group is taking part in Hate Crime Awareness Week which runs from 10 - 17 Octber 2020

Leading up to the annual campaign week, our Progress Involvement Officer, Sam Beattie, has written a blog and worked with See the Person, The Lancashire Victims Centre and Disability Equality North West to arrange some sessions for tenants, staff, partner organisations and families as part of Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Sam's blog - Celebrate kindness and tolerance

The Hate Crime Awareness campaign is 25 years old this year - 25 years of trying to raise awareness of hate crime, but hate crime is not just a quarter-of-a-century-old problem is it?

Hate crime did not spring up in the 90s; hate crime has always existed and this is what I find really difficult to comprehend, some human beings have spent their existence hating. Why and for what?

Just saying the word ‘hate’ makes me feel tense, angry, hostile, and fearful, but why? It is just a word. If you turn it around and say the word ‘kind’, see if your feelings change to those of love, consideration, helpfulness, goodness, good-will and caring - much nicer words and much nicer feelings.

So during this week of Hate Crime Awareness, I am going to celebrate being more kind, more tolerant; thinking before I speak or act, considering other people's circumstances, their abilities and disabilities, letting people be who they are, smiling at someone who is looking sad or alone, chatting to people I don’t know, and helping people if I can.

Good deeds and kindness make YOU feel good about YOU. Being kind releases good hormones in your brain. And being hateful has the opposite effect.


Hate crime awareness sessions to learn more

Often it is simply lack of information that leads to a lack of understanding.

If you would like to learn more about ‘Hate Crime’, join us for one of the FREE one-hour virtual sessions being run by The Lancashire Victims Centre and Disability Equality:

• Monday 12 October 2020 – 10 am
• Tuesday 13 October 2020 – 1 pm

The sessions are open to everyone, and will include an overview of what hate crime is and give examples. We’ll then look at disability hate crime, the impact that it has on victims and the wider community and how/where to report it.

Join in - all staff and tenants can reserve their seat at the virtual table through Eventbrite by clicking here.

See the Person - Benefit to Society

See the Person (formerly known as Benefit to Society) is a national, tenant-led campaign. It challenges the negative stereotypes of social housing in the media, letting people know about the many benefits that social housing, and its tenants, bring to the country and its communities.

Martyn Lund, See the Person Committee Chair, will be leading an information session about See the Person and why the campaign is important for society. Martyn has some really interesting facts and information to share.

Thursday 15 October 2020 – 11 am

We will confirm the new date and time, for this session, as soon as possible.

Support Hate Crime Awareness Week online

Help spread love not hate online from by following the campaign on social media using the hashtags #NHCAW #NationalHCAW #SpreadLoveNotHate #NoPlaceforHate and following @StopHateUK.

Read more about National Hate Crime Awareness Week, click here to visit the Stop Hate UK website and click here to visit the National Hate Crime Awareness Week website.


About Progress Involvement

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