Now in its eighth year, Housing Day has played an important role in raising the social housing sector profile and ensuring the voices of residents and leaseholders are heard.

The theme for 2020 is 'The importance of home' in support of the national 'Homes at the Heart' campaign and coalition calling for a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing.

The cross-sector campaign highlights the crucial role that decent, safe, and genuinely affordable housing plays, not only in times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic but always.

Commenting on the theme, Housing Day lead Leslie Channon, said: "Never has there been more of a time, in recent history, where the importance of home and community has been so starkly demonstrated within our society.

"Although I have had Covid19 and I have been ill for many months - I have been very grateful for the home and community I have.  When I was too sick to take care of myself, my community stepped in and dropped off meals and went shopping for me.  My community has held my family together.

"Housing Day has always been a celebration of social housing and the important role it can play in supporting people's lives."

Jacqui De-Rose, Group Chief Executive, said: "Housing Day allows us to showcase and celebrate all the great work carried out in social housing.

"We aim to do so much more than provide a safe and secure home – some of the work we do can transform the lives of our tenants and the communities they live in, bringing everyone together and creating great places to live."

To get involved in Housing Day and help raise the social housing sector profile, you can follow @housingday on Twitter and use the Twitter hashtag #HousingDay.