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Introducing our Compliance Team

The Compliance Team is responsible for ensuring that the Group remains compliant with its regulatory and legislative requirements as well as recommended best practice for all areas of property compliance.

This includes keeping our tenants, staff and other stakeholders safe across the areas of gas, electric, water hygiene, asbestos, fire, radon gas, lifting equipment and equipment servicing.

About the Compliance Delivery Team

The delivery team is responsible for identifying the compliance requirements for all Group properties and then managing the delivery of servicing and remedial programmes. It maintains an evidence-based property compliance programme through ensuring appropriate certification is in place for the programme.

Currently on the compliance programme are:

• 6,400 annual gas safety checks;
• 7,715 electrical safety checks every five years (or at a change of tenancy);
• 1,161 fire risk assessments every 1-5 years dependent on risk;
• 159 annual asbestos re inspections;
• 1,466 legionella risk assessments/monitoring visits monthly to annually dependent on risk.

Following the completion of a risk assessment or safety check, the delivery team receive all certification and undertake quality assurance to ensure it meets our requirements. If a property requires remedial actions this is commissioned, using either our in-house team or approved, certified contractors and see the works through to completion.

Contractor management is an important aspect of the delivery team's role due to the number of risk assessments, safety checks and remedial works being commissioned. Regular contractor meetings are held with all of our contractors to ensure work remains on track and is of the expected standard.

Michael Vickers, Interim Compliance Lead explains the focus of the compliance delivery team,

“We have been working hard over the last year delivering compliance services to, and in partnership with, our customers and stakeholders.

"A significant amount of time and effort has been put into reviewing services to enable us to improve the effectiveness of what we do and how we do it wiith the aim of not only providing greater assurance on delivering compliant services, but improving the way the services are delivered and our end-users experience them.”

About our Compliance Data Validation/Strategic Improvement Team

The Data Validation/Strategic Improvement Team is responsible for data cleansing, validation, board reporting and embedding compliance across the organisation. This includes ensuring our work aligns to that of the Health and Safety Team. 

The compliance data auditors are currently checking 100% of fire safety, electrical safety, water hygiene and asbestos management certification, and 10% of LGSRs (Landlord Gas Safety Records).

When they have finished, they will have validated over 19,000 records!

Interim Strategic Lead for Compliance, Gemma Smith, tells us more,

"Progress Housing Group aims to achieve 100% compliance across each of the compliance areas and key to this is working with other teams across the business to deliver the compliance action plan.

"A cross-departmental compliance project group includes representation from Compliance, Health and Safety, IT, Housing Operations, Supported Living, Progress Connect, Development, HR&OD and Procurement. Customer and building safety remains a key priority across the Group.

"New and updated policies relating to Gas Safety, Electrical Safety, Asbestos Management Fire Safety and Water Hygiene have recently been approved by Board.

"Colleagues across the Group are taking part in briefing and awareness sessions around compliance, and we look forward to delivering the remaining compliance action plan throughout the year."

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