These are challenging times | Jacqui De-Rose

In some ways, the pandemic felt that it brought a sense of unity to the world. Although each of us has had a deeply unique experience of it, often in very different —and in sometimes inequitable - circumstances, communities across the globe were seen to pull together, put differences aside, and reach out to support one another.

However, as the horrific and deeply saddening news of George Floyd reached us, it was, and is, a stark reminder of the inequality, injustice, and indifference that are a daily battle for many in our society. That we must always strive to challenge and change what we can to make the world a fairer and just place for all.

Our business is built on the foundations of equity – ensuring equality, inclusion and diversity are at our core.

Every small change that we can make as individuals or as a wider community, can help towards a bigger effort to change society. We are committed to not being silent – and some of the ways that we create a voice are through our ED&I training and working groups, ensuring our customers are represented and involved in our decision making, and encouraging diverse leadership through our Board programme.

These are difficult times. Let's continue to do what we do to help make a difference and be the change we want to see in the world.

Jacqui De-Rose, Group Chief Executive - Progress Housing Group