Progress Housing Group is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Living Wage Week is the annual celebration of the Living Wage movement in the UK and the Group was an early supporter of the real living wage, becoming a Living Wage employer in 2013. 

The real living wage was devised by the charity the Living Wage Foundation who seek to encourage wages which reflect what people need to spend to feed, clothe and house themselves. Each year the Foundation independently calculates a living wage which is voluntary and should not be confused with the National Living Wage which is the legally binding hourly rate for workers aged 25 and over. 

The Foundation announces the new voluntary rate in November each year. Currently, some 7,000 employers across the UK are signed up to the agreement, benefitting around 250,000 employees.

We pay the Living Wage to all our employees over 18 (excluding trainees, paid work placements and apprenticeships). For us, it’s important that pay reflects living costs and supports the recruitment, motivation and retention of staff.

For more information go to the Living Wage Foundation website at

View our Living Wage mark and accreditation on our website here.

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