Progress Housing Group launches ‘Here to Help’ hub to support tenants and customers

Progress Housing Group has launched a ‘Here to Help’ hub, a new service providing help and support to their most vulnerable tenants and customers during the coronavirus pandemic

Progress Housing Group staff are calling tenants who may be vulnerable and/or potentially digitally excluded. Similarly Progress Lifeline is contacting their customers to offer additional support, reassurance and to remind them to test their equipment regularly and not to hesitate to press their personal alarm button if there is an emergency.

During the welfare phone calls, Progress Housing Group Officers establish whether the customer has any concerns or immediate issues that they need support with relating to their finances, their physical or mental health, and ask whether they have access to vital services, access to food and medicines and are managing childcare arrangements.

Customers are then signposted to the Group’s Here to Help hub who act as a facilitator to refer to, and provide access to, services in the community on the customer’s behalf.

Tammy Bradley, Deputy Executive Director at Progress Housing Group said, “We are working with our partners in local communities to help those people most in need to quickly and easily access support and guidance. The new ‘Here to Help’ Team at Progress Housing Group will provide information, advice and guidance to any tenant or customer who feels that they need some additional support during this time.

“We encourage any of our tenants who are concerned about their health, finances or access to vital services, to contact our Here to Help Team who can then access relevant services on their behalf or provide them with the relevant information.

“If you are a family member or friend of a tenant of ours, who you are concerned about and feel needs extra support, please don’t hesitate to contact us on their behalf.”

Head of Progress Connect Stephen Spencer added, “Staff have started welfare checks on our most vulnerable customers offering support and sometimes just a much-needed chat; if people live alone, we might be the only people they speak to that day. So far our calls have been well received and we will continue to provide this communication with our tenants for as long as we need to during the pandemic.”

Progress Housing Group customers and tenants, and their family members, can find out more information about our Here to Help Hub on our website by clicking here and contact us by telephone on 03333 204 555.

If you are aware that friends or family are struggling and they haven’t already received a call from us, please advise them to contact us, or please contact us on their behalf.
We are ‘here to help’.