Progress Housing Group’s telecare service, Progress Lifeline, has successfully adapted an existing service to provide a practical solution to support vulnerable loved ones during these uncertain times; an easy-to-self-install telecare service that’s connected to its 24/7 response centre, that requires no face-to-face contact.

Loraine Simpson, Progress Lifeline Service Director, said, “The demand for our services has been unparalleled during the pandemic when caring from a distance has sadly become a reality.

“Our team continues to work in partnership with local authorities, community care groups and hospital discharge teams to get people home as quickly as we can, with telecare tailored to their requirements that will provide emergency help and peace of mind when they need it.

“To assist those who are in self-isolation or shielding, this existing service has now been adapted to deliver a vital service that requires minimal or no contact at all.”

A recent self-install service user commented, “The whole thing went amazingly smoothly. I’m very impressed with Progress Lifeline and the process. I never normally give full scores, but you earned them. Oh yes, and the installation guide was probably the best I’ve ever seen, and I work in tech. A very happy customer indeed.”

The self-install unit has a range of up to 50 metres, which means time can be spent in the garden; perfect for positive mental health and well-being. The waterproof pendant can be worn all around the home, even in the bath and the shower.

Help is available at the touch of a button. For more information about this service, please call Progress Lifeline on 03333 204 999 or visit