In March 2019, we introduced our new transactional customer surveys; these are carried out following any repair or improvement to your home.

The surveys are aimed at allowing all our customers to feedback on key elements of our repairs, maintenance, and improvement service. We have had a fantastic response from you so far, with an average of 200 surveys completed every month, nearly 2,000 surveys in the last year. The information you provide is invaluable to us and allows us to improve our service based on your feedback, positive or negative.

How are we performing? We monitor feedback across four key themes; these are:

Communication - how easy was it to report your repair, did we let you know when we were going to attend, did we keep in touch with you throughout the repair?

Quality of work - did we carry out the work to a high standard, did we clean up and look after your home while carrying out the repair, etc.?

Right first time - did we finish the repair in one visit or did we have to return to your home, once the repair was complete, did you have to contact us again?

Overall satisfaction - the total score, taking into account all of the above, from reporting a repair to work being completed. The table below shows our performance back in March 2019
(when we introduced the surveys) compared to the end of the year (December 2019).

Month Right first time              Communication Quality of repair Overall repairs service   

March 2019

80.1% 84.2% 87.6% 86.4%
December 2019 83.6% 89.6% 91.2% 89.1%
     3.5%    5.4%  3.6% 2.7%

 We are delighted that we have improved the results across each of the key areas, but we know we still have work to do, and we are aiming to achieve over 90% in all areas next year.

Want to know more?

In addition to carrying out regular customer satisfaction surveys, we also hold quarterly meetings with tenants via our Repairs Forum. Our Repairs Forum is made up of tenants and residents who meet up with key managers of our Property Services Team. If you would like to get involved, please contact one of our Progress Involvement Team by emailing or phoning 03333 204555.