When visiting tenants’ properties during Covid-19, Progress Housing Group’s operatives will now show a large-print version of their ID badge which can be viewed from a safe social distance by the tenant before allowing the operative access to their home.

At a tenant involvement meeting via Zoom in early May, our tenants provided a valuable piece of feedback that would make it easier for them to identify the Group’s genuine frontline housing and property services visitors to their properties.

Margaret, a tenant at South Ribble’s Charleston Court independent living scheme, suggested that a scaled-up and laminated version of the Group’s photo ID badge (that our staff carry), would allow tenants to view the ID from a safe distance, or have it cleaned and handed to them for inspection, which would help protect both tenants and staff from the spread of the coronavirus infection.

To say thank you for the great suggestion, which the Group has now implemented, last week, the Group’s surveyor, Dan Hubberstey, presented Margaret with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Deputy Executive Director at Progress Housing Group, Tammy Bradley, explains more, “When our operatives and staff visit tenants’ properties during the COVID-19 lockdown, they are sometimes wearing full PPE or are introducing themselves and working from, a safe, social distance. Because of this, tenants are finding that they are not easily able to safely view staff ID badges to check they are who they say they are.

“The remote meeting with our involved tenants in May was extremely valuable. One of the great suggestions they made was that we could enlarge our ID badges so that our frontline housing workers can safely prove who they are when they are visiting a tenant’s property.

“I want to thank our tenant Margaret for making the suggestion, as this has now been adopted by the Group as part of our COVID-19 response to help protect our colleagues and tenants during the pandemic. It will also ensure that our tenants can continue to be vigilant in asking to view ID to help stop unscrupulous doorstep scammers as well.”

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Progress Housing Group has continued to follow government guidance, including social distancing.

You can find further information about our services here and a video about what to expect when we visit your property during this time, below.