Our Lead Plumbing and Heating Engineer, Tom, writes about the importance of gas safety for Gas Safety Week 2021

As a Plumbing and Heating Engineer at Progress Housing Group, each day brings new challenges and a different view.

You can get between seven and eight services to do each day. Each property is different, and every tenant is different, but we provide the same high service standards each time. If a tenant needs extra support to understand why we are conducting gas checks, we can help by communicating why we are doing what we are doing.

Having worked at the Group for 17 years, there have certainly been many changes - both in processes and technology.

When I started here in 2004, the phrase 'gas service' was exactly what it sounds like - a full boiler and gas fire strip down, clean out, reassemble and check. With the advancements in boilers and equipment, it doesn't necessarily mean we have to do it this way anymore. We have also gone from completing and logging our work using pen and paper to doing this electronically via iPad.

When we find issues with an appliance and deem it unsafe, it can sometimes be difficult for tenants to understand why, but their safety is our priority.

The Gas Team at Progress are a varied group of great colleagues, all from an experienced background. They aren't afraid to get stuck in and go the extra mile to ensure we meet 100% compliance.

It's a real pleasure to work with them.



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