Recently, Cath Mustafa, Head of Maintenance at Progress Housing Group, spent 'a day in the life of' our Compliance and Administration Teams. Cath shares her day with us, here...

"I was really looking forward to spending time with colleagues at Progress Housing Group outside of my own team and learning more about the work that takes place 'behind the scenes'.

My first session was with our Compliance Team, where Angela and Caroline, our Compliance Support Assistants, talked me through the work they do, supporting the Compliance Team and keeping our customers safe in their homes.

What struck me most was how passionate they were about achieving 100% compliance and the work they do monitoring our compliance work and keeping all our compliance documentation/certificates up to date, logged and safe. It was fabulous to hear about the collaborative working that is going on across the Group too, particularly with colleagues in our Supported Living Teams focusing on our Fire Safety work – a special mention to Basma and Sarah who work closely with Angela and Caroline to ensure we achieve our aims and objectives - a real team effort and lots of work going on right across the Group.

Next, I spent time with Mark and Graham, Compliance Managers who look after all our M&E requirements for the Compliance Team – a big job as this includes gas, electrical, lifting equipment and all our service contracts (fire alarms, door entry systems etc). A lot of the work they oversee is delivered by our own in-house team, so lots of collaborative working with our Gas and Electrical Teams, which was great to hear and the results speak for themselves - a great team effort!

Graham and Mark also oversee contractor delivery and performance, which involves a lot of meetings as well as site visits.

After a morning with Compliance, I then moved across to our Administration Team, spending time with Janice and Sharon, our Property Services Administration Assistants. As you'd expect, their remit is huge and I was amazed at the variety of their roles and how they share their workloads, managing multiple email inboxes and supporting all of the Property Services Teams.

Both Janice and Sharon also have their own specialist areas which they own and manage, as well as undertaking the many day to day tasks associated with a busy Property Services Team – it was great to watch our super-organised team in action.

I was delighted to hear just how much both Janice and Sharon enjoyed working for Progress and Property Services and both talked about the sense of 'one team' and how much they love the work they do! They both acknowledged that there is never a dull moment and there's no such thing as a quiet day in Property Services but they wouldn't have it any other way!

Overall, I had a fantastic day and was blown away with the passion and commitment shown by all our colleagues – a huge thank you to you all for putting up with my non-stop questions! My day with our teams has helped me focus on how we can continue to develop and improve our systems so our colleagues can focus on doing what they do best – looking after our customers!"