You may have read in the last edition of StreetTalk or on our website about an exciting new opportunity for Progress Housing Group. We have started formal discussions with Reside Housing Association Ltd, a specialist supported housing provider, with a view to them joining us later in the year.

Who is Reside?
Reside is a specialist housing association with around 1,450 tenancies, providing accommodation for people with a learning disability, autism, mental health issues, or
acquired brain injury across the UK. hey have an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality services to their customers. They have grown very quickly in recent years.

What will it mean for me?
There will be no changes to the services you receive. Everything, including your tenancy agreement, how you pay your rent and service charges, and all aspects of your tenancy, will remain the same.

What are the benefits of a merger?
As you may know, we set targets to provide more homes every year for people in housing need. By Reside merging with the Group, we can continue to meet the huge need for high-quality supported living accommodation for people with learning disabilities and autism. 

Our development targets for other housing types will remain as they are now. We are on target to deliver over 183 new homes for general needs and shared ownership and 30 new
homes for supported living in the next 12 months. We will also invest over £27 million in repairing and maintaining existing homes across all tenancy types. We are committed
to providing good quality homes for all the people who choose to live in our communities.

What is next?
Over the last few months, Reside and Progress Housing Group have been learning more about each other. We have also met with some of our tenants to see what they think about
this proposal. We are at the consultation phase of this proposal.

We will be arranging meetings with our supported living tenants and our tenant Scrutiny Pool during this time. We will write to you again once we have decided if the merger should go ahead.

We want to reassure you that there will be no changes to the services we provide to you during this time. Any changes will mainly be for our supported living customers whom
we are keeping informed. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us online, by email, live chat, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm, or telephone 03333 204555 between 8am and 6pm.