18 October is Anti-Slavery Day. If you think that slavery only happens in other countries, think again.

Trafficked adults and children have been found in every county across the UK. Some are teenage girls groomed by older men and exploited for sex. Others are vulnerable British teenagers threatened by gangs to sell drugs in towns across the country (also known as country lines).

Men and women have even been trafficked to the UK from overseas and forced to work in agricultural, construction and domestic work. High areas of concern include nail bars and car washes. Some recent cases in the Lancashire area are highlighted here More than 150 modern slavery victims identified in Lancashire | Lancashire Telegraph . Progress Housing Group is part of the Pan-Lancashire Anti-Slavery partnership

If you have any concerns please report them to the modern slavery helpline:

File a report (modernslaveryhelpline.org)

Find out more at Anti-Slavery International.