On 5 April 2021, we launched our new Customer First project. We spoke to Robert
Porter, Service Director of Operations at Progress Housing Group, who explains what Customer First will mean for you.

I joined Progress Housing Group last year, and what a year it has been!
The pandemic has brought many challenges, and I am grateful for how my colleagues and our customers have adapted through this time. It has helped us accelerate some of the
changes we have wanted to make, consider how we use technology better, and, most importantly, make us think about what more we can do to help our tenants, residents, and
customers. The launch of Customer First is a fantastic step forward in how we can do more together and aims to put you at the heart of everything we do.

What is Customer First?
Customer First is a change to how we organise our frontline services in your
area following valuable feedback from our tenants and colleagues. 

We now have six dedicated local Area Housing Teams. All of the various housing management colleagues who provide your income collection, community safety, and tenancy management services are now all part of the same team.

The new Area Housing Teams will work together within a much smaller geographical area to build better relationships with tenants who live there and gain more knowledge of the area. This team includes all the previous services you will have received before so that you won’t
see any reduction in services, but by working closer together, we aim to provide a more joined-up approach through improved communication.

What are the reasons behind the change?
You have said that you don’t see us in your communities enough, so we have significantly increased the number of officers within the Area Housing Teams. We want to improve
our ‘right first-time’ approach by having a more shared understanding across our frontline teams and enable them to work within your community more often. We also want
to understand better the needs and issues within your areas. This will help us support the things that work well and to deal with any problems more proactively and promptly in a hands-on way.

From now on, you will have a dedicated team for your area, which you will be able to get to know much better and build a relationship with. The team can attend tenant meetings,
tenant appointments, and you will see them on our walkabouts.

Who will you see in your areas?
As well as the existing caretaking and handyperson service, you will notice a new team in your area. An Area Housing Manager will manage each team. They will oversee all activities
within their area and take the lead in planning how we operate. 

You can find out who works within your area here www.progressgroup.org.uk/