Find out how the rise in disrepair claims negatively impacts us, our tenants, and their communities.

The number of claims for disrepair against the councils and housing associations is increasing.

Claims management firms are known to directly target tenants and often mislead them with promises of large and unrealistic awards of compensation.

These claims result in high legal costs, which leaves less money for much-needed repairs and improvements in homes like yours.

Tenants have been left in debt with large legal bills when they have been misled or bullied into signing contracts and then become liable to pay fees if they change their minds or do not win the claim.

Legal firms can make huge profits from these claims. Even if your claim is successful, you will likely receive only a tiny percentage of money paid in damages. In some cases, tenants have been left with legal debts and the stress of going to court for nothing.

Cold callers

We have been made aware of several reports from tenants regarding cold callers claiming to be Progress Housing Group employees and requesting access to properties to survey potential cases of disrepair.

All Progress Housing Group employees carry formal identification and will present this before accessing your property. They will not ask you to sign any paperwork regarding repairs to your property.

If a cold caller comes to your door, make sure you:

  • Always ask for identification
  • Speak to us first if you are unsure about allowing them access to your property
  • Call the police if you feel scared or threatened
  • Talk to us before you sign any documents

As a tenant of Progress Housing Group, your tenancy agreement is the legal document which regulates our relationship as landlord and tenant.  It contains the repairing obligations and we would always encourage you to discuss any issues or questions of repair with us before commencing any formal action against the Group.

Damp and mould

Damp and condensation can cause significant repair issues in your property, especially in winter. This includes mould growth on walls and furniture and rotting window frames.

Cold, damp housing also encourages the growth of mould and mites, increasing the risk of respiratory illnesses in some people.

How to lower the risk of damp in your home 

Are you thinking of claiming against us because of a disrepair issue such as mould or damp?

Please get in touch with us before you do so that we support you to resolve any outstanding repair issues.

If you are a Progress Housing Group tenant, you can report a repair issue here or check the status of something you've already reported.

You can also contact us on 03333 204555 - lines are open between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday, and outside of these times for emergencies.