April 2021 marked the start of our 2021/22 repairs, maintenance and improvement
programmes, with plans to invest almost £19 million on improving and repairing
your homes over the coming year. 

Looking back at 2020/21, and despite the restrictions of COVID-19, we carried out £14.8 million worth of improvements to your homes.

This is how the money was spent:

Planned improvements

Bathrooms, kitchens, electrical rewiring, heating systems, etc. £4.5 million

Cyclical maintenance

Gas servicing, electrical testing, painting, energy efficiency works, etc. £5.3 million

Responsive and other repairs

Day-to-day repairs, clearing and cleaning empty properties, etc. £5 million

Total £14.8 million

This year we will be investing more money in improving your homes, with a repairs and maintenance budget of £18.5 million. This includes planned improvements, repairs and maintenance and ensuring you are safe in your home. We will also ensure that if you were on a planned improvement programme last year and we were unable to carry out the work, you will be on our priority programme this year.

Planned improvements

Bathrooms, kitchens, electrical rewiring, heating systems, etc. £6 million

Cyclical maintenance

Gas servicing, electrical testing, painting, energy efficiency works, etc. £7.7 million

Responsive and other repairs

Day-to-day repairs, clearing and cleaning empty properties, etc. £4.8 million

Total £18.5 million

How is the work planned?

To help us plan our future maintenance programmes, weundertake full property surveys andrecord the condition of each element in a database. We will contact you when we need to inspect your home and advise you when we will be attending. Please note that all ourcolleagues carry ID badges. Never allow anyone into your home without first checking their ID.

How will I find out if any work is being carried out to my home?

We will notify you in advance if we are planning to carry out improvements to your home. We may contact you to arrange a visit to inspect your home before confirming any works that may be required. If we identify that works are required we will explain what is
proposed, the level of disruption you can expect and provide you with a start date.

Planned maintenance and improvements 

Every year we carry out a programme of planned maintenance and improvements to replace or repair the parts of your home that need to be updated, i.e. kitchens, bathrooms, boilers and roofs. Last year, we increased the work our in-house team will deliver; this has saved money and has meant that we can invest these savings and carry out more improvements than ever before.

This year, we will carry out the following works to your homes, with the majority of work being delivered by our in-house team.

Major internal works

Every year we carry out a package of necessary major internal works, including the following:

  • Kitchen replacements
  • Bathroom refurbishments
  • Heating system renewals
  • Electrical rewiring

The major planned programmes run throughout the year (starting on 1 April 2021 and ending on 31 March 2022). 

We only carry out those works that are required in each property. For example, one house may have had a new kitchen installed more recently than neighbouring properties and so
may not need a replacement at this time. Before any major internal works and external painting work, we will need to carry out an asbestos survey at your property. You will be notified if your home is part of the planned works programme, and an asbestos surveyor will contact you in advance of the works to carry out the survey.If you refuse to have an asbestos survey carried out, we will not be able to continue with the planned works.

Painting the outside of your home

We will spend over £400,000 painting the outside of your homes this year. Often this will involve carrying out minor repairs to rotten or damaged timber before the painting is carried
out. All tenants will be notified if their property is part of this year’s programme over the next few months.

Communal areas

Some of our flats and independent living schemes have internal communal areas, such as corridors and stairwells that need work from time to time. We will spend £150,000
improving these areas over the coming year.

Gas servicing

Every year we need to check the safety of all the gas appliances that we have provided in your home. This service is for your safety, to ensure that everything is working safely and

We must carry out these checks every year, so please try to keep to the appointment we have made with you. If you are not available on the day of your appointment, please contact us immediately to rearrange. This helps reduce the number of ‘no access’ visits we carry out and means we can rearrange an appointment to suit you.

If a gas engineer calls at your property and has been unable to gain access, a card will be posted through your door to tell you that someone has called to do your inspection. The card will have our phone number on it. It is essential for your safety and compliance with the
law that you contact us to make a suitable appointment.

If you fail to allow us access on three occasions we may have no option but to take legal action as this will be a breach of your tenancy.

Electrical testing

We have increased the number of electrical tests we undertake by reducing the frequency of these tests from every 10 years to every five years. The electrical test is for your safety to ensure that everything is working safely. This year, we will inspect electrical systems at more
than 2,000 properties.

We must carry out these checks every five years (and sometimes more frequently), so please try to keep to the appointment we have made with you. If you are not available on
the day of your appointment, please contact us immediately to rearrange. This helps reduce the number of ‘no access’ visits we carry out and means we can rearrange an appointment to suit you.

If an electrician calls at your property and has been unable to gain access, a card will be posted through your door to tell you that someone has called to do your inspection. The
card will have a phone number on it. It is important for your safety that you contact us to make a suitable appointment.

You must allow us access to your home to carry out these checks. Gas servicing and electrical testing are carried out to keep you safe in your home. We will do our very best to
schedule an appointment convenient for you. It is essential you allow us access to your home in advance of the date of your last certificate.

If you fail to allow us access on three occasions we may have no option but to take legal action as this will be a breach of your tenancy.

Energy efficiency measures

Over recent years we have been carrying out a major loft and cavity wall insulation programme. The aim of these improvements is to make your homes more comfortable, helping to reduce your energy bills by reducing energy consumption and thereby helping to protect the environment.

Our ongoing programme of inspections identifies those properties that require insulation improvements. Please help us to help you by giving us access to your property.

Other health and safety (cyclical) works

We have many other cyclical maintenance programmes running all the time. These include servicing of lifts and fire alarms, testing electrical appliances in communal areas of independent living schemes, and disinfecting water storage tanks. We always try to minimise disruption to tenants, and, in most cases, you will not know that they are happening - but where you do need to know, we will contact you in advance. We
must carry out regular health and safety checks, and this year we have increased our investment to ensure the safety of our tenants and residents.

Day-to-day repairs

Every year, we carry out over 40,000 repairs at the request of our tenants. We also repair and carry out improvements to around 600 properties for new tenants to move into once the previous tenant has moved out. We spend, on average, £2,000-£3,000 per property.
Unfortunately, some tenants leave their property damaged. This means we have to invest more money before a new tenant moves in. We continue to focus on challenging tenants who
leave their properties badly damaged. We will recharge for any damage to properties, including clearing out properties and environmental cleaning.

Customer satisfaction
We received some fantastic feedback from our customers over the last year. You told us that our operatives adhered to COVID-safe working practices and helped give you the
assurance you needed at a difficult time. We are always delighted to hear from our customers, and we use all your feedback, good and bad, to influence our services and improve when we get things wrong. Please let us know if we get it right, as we’ll keep on doing the things that you appreciate and let us know if we get it wrong, so we can look at ways of improving our services to you. If you have any feedback on any part of our repairs and maintenance service, please don’t hesitate to contact our Property Services Continuous
Improvement Manager, Diane Strickland. You can reach Diane at enquiries@progressgroup.org.uk or by calling her on 03333 204555.