Follow our handy hints and tips from our recent tenant newsletter to keep you and your family safe, secure and warm in your home this winter
Don’t be a victim of burst pipes

If possible keep your heating on and set your room thermostat to 21°C or 70°F throughout the day and if you leave your house and can, set the room thermostat to 18°C.

If you go away for any length of time, turn off your water supply at the stop tap and open all the taps. This will prevent your pipes from freezing in the cold winter temperatures. Damp and condensation Damp and condensation can cause structural damage to your home as well as making any health problems you have worse.

How to stop damp and condensation forming in your home

 To keep your home free from damp and condensation, follow the helpful hints below:

  • Keep your home warm – it is better to have your heating on at a low temperature for extended periods.
  • Wipe off any condensation (water) that forms on any window and surface using tissue and dispose by flushing down your toilet, using a cloth will only release the condensation back into the atmosphere.
  • Improve the ventilation in your home by opening your windows whenever possible when the weather outside is dry – especially if you are cooking, bathing or drying clothes.
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors or put clothes on radiators – this can create up to five litres of water in the air.
  • Do not block your radiators/heaters or air vents.
  • Keep lids on pots and pans when cooking and keep your door closed.
  • If you have an extractor fan in either your kitchen or bathroom or both, use it when cooking or bathing.
  • If you use a tumble dryer, make sure the external vent/hose leads outside your home.


How to report a repair if you are a Progress Housing Group tenant

If you have a repair that needs sorting, you can report a repair via the online tenancy area on our website,, at any time, on any device, and anywhere.

There are two ways to report a repair.

  • For standard repairs, you can choose and book a repairs appointment – no need to phone us.
  • For non-standard repairs, you can let us know when you are available, and we will find a convenient appointment and confirm it with you.
Your safety is our top priority, and we work very hard to ensure that you and your family are safe and secure in your home.

Progress Housing Group works very hard to maintain the highest levels of safety in your home, but we need to work together to ensure that your home is a safe place for you and your family to live.

Please help us to help you by following the handy hints and top tips provided in this article and by always allowing us access to your home to carry out any safety tests and checks.

Remember you can book your repairs online at