Property Services Team to provide extra support to our Independent Living Schemes

From 19 July, our Property Services technical officers began a new way of working - by offering additional support at the start and end of each working day to a nearby independent living scheme. The new way of working and additional support to the schemes has been welcomed across the Group.

Progress Housing Group's Responsive Repairs Manager, Tony McVeigh, tells us more: "For our property services technical officers, starting and ending their working days at one of our independent living schemes is an excellent opportunity (and a real 'One Team' approach) to get out to our independent living schemes and work COVID-safely and within government guidelines, to provide additional support to our colleagues and customers.
"From 19 July 2021, our technical officers within Property Services will start and end their working day from one of the independent living schemes in their area. They will support them with repairs and maintenance issues and provide health and safety advice. 
"Crucially, this is going to greatly develop our working relationship between the two areas of the Group, as part of our 'One Team' ethos. We really do hope to be an invaluable support to our colleagues in independent living."

Colin And June Socially Distancing (1)

 Above: Repairs and Voids Technical Officer, Colin, recently met with our Independent Living Coordinator, June, to explain the support that Property Services will be offering to independent living schemes from 19 July