Value for Money (VFM) is at the heart of the services we deliver; we want to ensure that we offer the best possible services we can in the most efficient and effective way. You can
view our annual VFM self-assessment document here,

The savings and efficiencies we make through VFM activity can provide more new homes for people who need them, be invested in local communities offering a safe and healthy place to live and support people to achieve more opportunities and independence.

During 2020/21 we:

  • Reviewed over 45 contract areas, including gas and half-hourly electricity supply, flooring services, telephony infrastructure and various compliance support contracts with a total value of £19.5 million. We have identified savings over £250,000 or avoided or minimised cost increases and improved customer services.

Some of the contracts we reviewed included:

  • Corporate gas supply contract - due to historically low oil prices resulting from oversupply in the world market due to the pandemic, there was an opportunity to secure a new contract ahead of the programme. Savings of approximately 17% (£170,000) were secured against a forecast contract price increase of 10%.
  • Conversion works at St John’s Court independent living scheme - due to market instability, contractors were pricing in new risk factors due to the pandemic. After reassessing the work required, a saving of £30,000 has been achieved as the work was done by redeploying colleagues made available due to the national lockdown from our in-house Property Services Team.
  • Lift replacement and refurbishment - saving of £23,000 achieved due to consolidating requirements to one contractor for three sites.
  • Flooring - regarding kitchen and bathroom replacements, we procured a higher specification of flooring material at the same costings as existing contractor pricing on the contract renewal.

For 2021/22 we are planning to:

  • Review over 63 contracts, including some reactive and planned repairs contracts, grounds maintenance and vehicle supply arrangements with a total value of £20 million.
  • Achieve savings or avoid or minimise cost increases and also improve services to customers.
  • Review our gardening and white goods repairs contracts relating to our supported living properties.

We aim to continually assess opportunities to enhance our services to customers and actively involve our employees and customers to achieve VFM.

If you can think of any ways that we can improve our services without increasing our costs that could save money, please get in touch by emailing, web chat at, via Facebook/ProgressStreetTalk or telephone us on 03333 204555.