The Progress Community Champion Awards were held as a way of saying a big ‘thank you’ to all the many volunteers who have worked so hard to support our local communities throughout such a challenging year.

It was amazing to hear about all the wonderful projects and the people nvolved who have given up their time to help others when they needed it the most.

Our judges had a great time deciding on who should win. This was difficult as all 91 nominations were helping our communities in so many different and wonderful ways.
80 people came along to the Virtual Award Ceremony. It was a pleasure to be able to share stories and recognise everyone’s hard work. We will be featuring some of these fantastic stories in future editions of StreetTalk.

Congratulations to all the winners

Group gold £200 - The Base Leyland, Lancashire Positive Minds

Group Silver £100 - Wade Hall Community Association, Volunteer PPE Delivery Drivers, Community Network Outreach, St Andrews Sports Life

Group Bronze £50 - Tippy Toes Baby Bank, Streetwise, Lower Lane Foodbank, Miles of Smiles 

Group Highly Commended £25 - Leyland Foodbank, High Five, Bowland Rescue, Leyland In Bloom, Leyland Radio, Leyland Sporting Memories, New Day Church, Team Dad

Individual Gold £100 - Stephen, Joan, Craig

Individual Silver £50 - Barry, Celia, Neil

Individual Bronze £25 - Jason, Val, Neil, Sam, Samantha, Sian

Individual Highly Commended £15 - Janet, Graham, David, Sophie

Young Person Gold £100 - Joshua, Jacoby, Maya

Young Person Silver £50 - Callum and Elizabeth, Grace and Emily

So if you think of someone you could nominate, watch out for next year’s Community Champion Awards and put them forward.

If you are a voluntary group providing support to your local community and you are looking
for funding, please contact the Progress Involvement Team on 03333 204555 or email