As a housing group, we provide homes and related services for many people with different needs. Whether this is affordable social housing, supported housing for women escaping domestic abuse, or young people and adults experiencing homelessness, or helping people to buy a home through shared ownership.

We are also one of the UK's leading providers of supported living for people with learning disabilities and autism. By providing high-quality homes, we create the opportunity for people with support needs to live independent and empowered lives.

Several expert organisations offer similar supported living accommodation and support for people with learning disabilities and autism. One of them is Reside Housing Association.

We have recently started a conversation with Reside to explore joining together as one organisation.

By joining together, we think that we will be able to provide more new homes with support for people who need them. We also believe that we will learn from each other and be able to provide better services to our supported living tenants.

As a bigger organisation, we will also have a louder voice. We will speak up for our tenants at a government level to help us to provide high quality and enjoyable places to live for everyone who has a support need.

Over the next few months, our organisations will learn more about each other to determine whether all these things are possible. We will keep tenants updated and ask for their views. After we have listened to all the tenants' comments, we will decide whether to join together in the summer.

No matter what we decide, the homes and the support services that our tenants receive will not be affected.

Next Steps

Once we have finished our initial due diligence work, we will write to all of our tenants for their views, before we make a final decision. This is likely to be in May or June of this year.

In the meantime, you have any questions you can contact us.

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