Progress Housing Group is delighted to announce their sponsorship of Lancashire’s first inclusive rugby club, Typhoons RUFC.

Progress Housing Group approved sponsorship of the Typhoons in summer 2020, but the impact of COVID-19 restrictions meant that the club could not play the entire 2020-21 season, so they rolled over the Group’s sponsorship to 2021-22.

Tammy Bradley, Deputy Executive Director at Progress Housing Group, said, “We are delighted to be able to support the Typhoons RUFC who embody inclusivity and value and celebrate inclusion, diversity and belonging - echoing our values and core aims.

“As a social housing provider, we recognise the positive impact we have on our society and our part to play in addressing inequalities. We are committed to supporting our local communities by investing in projects and activities that do this.

“We have several ways that we can support local charities, voluntary and community groups; our charity fund matches those funds raised by our colleagues and customers for charity and good causes, our corporate sponsorship helps groups which share our values and core aims, such as the Typhoons, and our Community Investment Fund provides financial support to help local residents and communities, an example of which is our Soup Dragon’s Den.

“If you are a manager of a local charity or voluntary or community group, please do get in touch to see how we can support you.” 

Kris Barber-Midgley, Sponsorship and Development Officer for Typhoons RUFC, added, “We were absolutely thrilled to receive sponsorship from Progress Housing Group and very proud to play with the Group’s logo on our sleeve as I know we share many of the same equality, diversity and inclusion values.

“The club couldn’t run as it does without the invaluable support of local businesses such as Progress, and we are grateful that we have such wonderful sponsors who are so supportive of the Typhoons and what we stand for.”

Making a Difference

Progress Housing Group is committed to supporting and enhancing the communities we serve by supporting local charities and voluntary and community groups. During 2020-2021, our Community Investment Fund supported local community groups and projects by investing £163,539, and provided sponsorship and donations to local initiatives and groups throughout the year.

You can find out more by visiting our Sponsorship and Charity Fund information, (click here), and our Community Investment Fund webpages, (click here).

About Typhoons RUFC

Typhoons RUFC was founded in January 2018 with the aim of encouraging LGBTQ+ individuals to participate in sport. Since inception, the club has grown to over 70 members and trains each week at Preston Grasshoppers. The club has both a Rugby Union team and a Touch rugby team that operates throughout the year. The club, which celebrates its 4th birthday in January 2022, has also been shortlisted for a National Diversity Award.


Typhoons And Tammy - Main - All



Image above: Typhoons RUFC full team with all season sponsors

Banner image: Progress Housing Group's Tammy Bradley with the Typhoons RUFC touch rugby team