Progress Housing Group joins Zero Carbon Club

Progress Housing Group is delighted to collaborate with housing associations across the UK who are working together to tackle the climate crisis.

With decarbonisation at the heart of the social housing sector's agenda, more than 30 leading social landlords have joined forces to create the Zero Carbon Club. The group represents over half a million homes across the UK and a combined turnover of £3.1 billion.

Facilitated by Rob Bryan at social housing consultancy firm, Vantage, the ground-breaking peer learning programme supports shared learning and aims to create collaboration opportunities. The group has a wide cross-section of stock types and is keen to lead on the carbon agenda, reducing duplication and combining resources. As a strong partnership, the group will facilitate a sector-wide response to net-zero carbon targets via workshop sessions with expert witnesses, combined research and collaboration on pilot projects.

Working smarter together, topics the group will tackle range from funding and finance, customer engagement and behaviour change, and retrofit strategies and technologies. Two initial cohorts are running, with ten members in each, including executive directors and sustainability leads from some of the UK's leading housing associations. These include Platform Housing Group, Accent Group, Midland Heart, Vivid Homes and Torus, who are all keen to be on the front foot of this agenda, with 10 new members including Progress Housing Group, Halton Housing and Housing Plus Group joining the Zero Carbon Club's third cohort.

Rob Bryan, Operations Director at Vantage and Zero Carbon Club Facilitator, said: "The Zero Carbon Club is a peer network programme that is driving forward the sector's decarbonisation strategy.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the sector to create deep collaborations to meet the challenges that net-zero carbon presents. I am excited to see how we can shape the market, influence policy, share knowledge and more effectively share resources across the sector and beyond.

Adele Livesey, Operations Director at Progress Housing Group, said: "Progressing our environmental sustainability work and decarbonising our homes is high on our agenda at Progress. We are delighted that we'll now be collaborating with some of the leading social landlords in the UK to really drive forward the social housing sector's response to Net Zero 2050.

"Joining the Zero Carbon Club comes at a pivotal time for us as we finalise our new environmental strategy and net carbon zero road map, which set out our plans to help the climate crisis, whilst continuing to ensure that our tenants and customers have homes that are affordable, safe, warm and environmentally-sustainable."

Carbon collaboration is key to hitting net-zero targets - find out more:

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