Progress Housing Group makes more than 100,000 welfare calls to support vulnerable tenants and customers.

Back in April 2020, after the first COVID-19 national lockdown restrictions were introduced, Progress Housing Group launched their ‘Here to Help’ hub, a new service providing welfare calls to all their tenants and customers to check on their wellbeing, and to provide additional support to their most vulnerable tenants and customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since that time, Progress Housing Group colleagues have made more than 100,000 welfare calls to tenants who were vulnerable and/or digitally-excluded to check if they needed help, refer them for further support, or sometimes just to provide that friendly voice on the other end of the phone to help combat loneliness and isolation.

The Group’s telecare service, Progress Lifeline, has also continued to make outgoing calls to their customers to offer additional support, reassurance and to remind them to test their equipment regularly and not to hesitate to press their personal alarm button if there is an emergency.

Robert Porter, Service Director for Housing Operations at Progress Housing Group, said: “The welfare calls have been so well-received by our customers and tenants, and we have heard some wonderful stories of how our teams in Progress Connect and Progress Lifeline have managed to support some of our most vulnerable tenants.

“From arranging for a GP visit to someone at home, to requesting that the local council provides assistance to pull bins out to the top of the drive and then back again; from arranging for Age UK to provide a weekly fresh food delivery to an older person’s home, to just making a weekly call to a vulnerable tenant living on their own to ask ‘how are you?’, we are so pleased that we’ve been able to help make people’s lives just that little bit easier during some incredibly difficult and challenging times.

“Making more than 100,000 of these welfare calls is a brilliant achievement and hearing about the difference that they have made to our tenants is a wonderful example of our One Team ethos and our commitment to putting our customers first.

“I’m so proud of our colleagues at the Group for their response and the impact that it has had in supporting our customers and tenants who are most in need.”

Tammy Bradley, Deputy Executive Director at Progress Housing Group, added: “We began making the ‘Here to Help’ welfare calls back in April 2020 in response to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. We worked with our partners in local communities to help those people most in need to quickly and easily access support and guidance.

“We’ve helped with concerns or immediate issues relating to finances as well as physical or mental health, and ensured that tenants have access to vital services, access to food and medicines, and are managing childcare arrangements. And we will continue to provide this communication with our tenants for as long as we need to during this pandemic and beyond.”

The Group continues to encourage any of their tenants who are concerned about their health, finances or access to vital services, to contact the Here to Help Team who can then access services on their behalf or provide them with the relevant information.

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We are ‘here to help’

Progress Housing Group customers and tenants and their family members can find out more information about our Here to Help Hub on our website by clicking here, by contacting us via webchat, or by calling us on 03333 204 555.

If you are aware that friends or family are struggling and they haven’t already received a call from us, please contact us.