The Social Housing White Paper, a new charter for social housing residents, was published in November 2020. The charter provides guidance to provide a level of consistency across the social housing sector to ensure that all residents receive the same service.

The charter covers the following:

  • To be safe in your home.
  • To know how your landlord is performing, including on repairs, complaints, and safety, and how it spends its money, so you can hold it to account.
  • To have your complaints dealt with promptly and fairly, with access to a strong ombudsman who will give you swift and fair redress when needed.
  • To be treated with respect, backed by a strong consumer regulator and improved consumer standards for tenants.
  • To have your voice heard by your landlord, for example, through regular meetings, scrutiny panels, or being on its board. The government will provide access to help, if you want it, to learn new skills to ensure your landlord listens.
  • To have a good quality home and neighbourhood to live in, with your landlord keeping your home in good repair. 
  • To be supported to take your first step to home ownership, so it is a ladder to other opportunities, should your circumstances allow. 

Tpas, the Tenant Engagement Experts, has created a two-minute video summarising the White Paper, which can be viewed here: