Sue has worked for Progress Housing Group for four years as an Independent Living Co-ordinator and loves her job.

She is based at Croft Court, Liggard Court and St John’s Court in Fylde West.

“My day is varied. I do safety calls each morning for those tenants who want them, check the buildings for any repairs or health and safety concerns, and complete fire checks weekly.

“I facilitate viewings, sign-ups and pre-termination inspections; we can go a few months without any, and like buses, they can all come at once.

"I also liaise with outside agencies when tenants need support, ensuring they are safe.

“My job has changed over the years, as there are more electronic systems and no paperwork in the office, so I seem to be at my desk a lot more. But I try to keep in contact with my colleagues and tenants by phone or by meeting for a coffee so we don’t feel so isolated in our roles.

“But my favourite part of my job is mixing with my tenants, either at lunch or afternoon teas (notice the food element).

“Some days, you have a never-ending stream of tenants wanting a chat, needing support, or help with printing forms, and some days I can go without seeing a soul.

“There have been quite a few highlights in this role. The past two years have been challenging, but the high point for me was knowing how much of a difference we made during lockdown when all we could do was contact the tenants by phone and chat with them. The feedback was lovely, as some felt so alone. Recently having moved back to some of my old schemes, it was lovely to see old faces and receive some lovely comments about my return.”

Sue will shortly be taking over as Activities Co-ordinator while Danni Shaw is on maternity leave and reveals plans for tenants to mix more in the communal areas: “We are trying to get tenants to use the communal facilities more. So we will be trialling a lunch club at each scheme and afternoon teas at least once a month over the next few months. Hopefully, this will get them using those facilities more and mixing, creating new friendships.”

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