We are continuing to receive reports about companies cold-calling at our customers’ homes and misrepresenting themselves as employees of Progress Housing Group.

The cold-callers ask about any repair issues in your home. They will then encourage you to sign a form that they suggest will speed up the repairs and require us to pay you compensation. These cold-callers may knock on your door or phone you up.

Claims management firms are known to directly target tenants and often mislead them with promises of large and unrealistic awards of compensation.

We are extremely concerned that these companies are misleading our customers by pretending to be from Progress Housing Group. They also fail to explain the formal Housing Disrepair protocol which governs the process for  disrepair claims.

When we receive a new disrepair claim, we adhere to the protocol and will immediately arrange to carry out a genuine inspection of your home to ascertain if there is any element of disrepair which may require urgent attention. 

We will also take appropriate legal advice, and our solicitor will liaise with the firm that you have appointed to act on your behalf. 

It is very important that you understand any documents that you are asked to sign as part of a disrepair claim, and that by doing so, you agree to bring a formal legal claim against your landlord.

Whilst we do not wish to discourage anyone from bringing a genuine disrepair claim, our primary concern is that you are aware of the commitment you are making by signing up for the scheme.

We have reported the conduct of the companies involved to various authorities who are taking appropriate action.

General guidance:

•   Our Progress Housing Group colleagues will never ask for money from you during a visit and will never ask you to sign anything.

•  Most of our repair operatives will be in vans marked with our signage. All repairs operatives wear a uniform with our logo and carry ID.

•   Always ask to see ID and do not let anyone into your home if you have concerns about their identity, especially if you have not requested a visit.

•  Please do talk to us before you sign any documents or make any payments.


If you wish to report your own experiences or have any outstanding repairs issues, please contact us on 03333 204555 or by live chat at www.progressgroup.org.uk



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