We visit thousands of our tenants to carry out work to your homes every year.

This includes major improvement work, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, minor day-to-day repairs, or servicing equipment such as boilers and heating to ensure you are safe and warm.

Whilst the majority of these visits run smoothly, with tenants being available at the agreed date and time, we do experience ‘no access’ visits. This means despite our operatives attending at a prearranged date and time, there is no one home to allow us entry to carry out the work.

Whenever you contact us to book a repair, we will always let you know when we are coming; we even send appointment reminders but all too often, our operatives attend properties only to find that they can’t complete the repair as the tenant has gone out and not let us know.

As you can imagine, the cost of sending an operative out (including their time, vehicle and fuel costs) soon mounts up and we lose thousands of pounds each year on wasted visits and no access.

We understand that sometimes you may have an emergency to attend to; you could be poorly or need to rearrange your appointment for another reason. We are very flexible and are happy to work around you, but please do let us know if you need to change your appointment.

If you have to leave your home at the time of your pre-arranged appointment, a quick phone call to advise us will make all the difference. We can even agree to a new date when you contact us and change our plans to suit you.

It is becoming increasingly expensive to manage our repairs service spend due to the sheer volume of ‘no access’ visits we are experiencing. We estimate that we have attended around
5,000 no access visits in the past year, costing the Group more than £100,000. We are sure you will agree this money could be better spent elsewhere, like carrying out additional repairs or improving the quality of your home.

  • Remember, if you cannot stay home and know you have an appointment for a repair or other visit, please call us on 03333 204555 to rearrange your appointment to a more convenient date to suit you.