Have you heard about our Community Investment Fund?

The fund is managed by a panel made up of tenants and board members who decide how the money is spent to make sure that it has the greatest impact for the communities where we operate.

One way we have made use of this fund is through a Digital Inclusion Project, working with Age UK to help tenants in our Independent Living schemes feel confident using online technology.

The project can help people get connected and provide tuition and support to anyone interested in buying or using a tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Age UK can help them get started or overcome the stumbling blocks that prevent them from making the most of their technology.

Age UK is offering one to one and group support via the phone or in person and can help with anything from simple problems like connecting to a shared network, to using Zoom to connect with family and friends. 

Age UK can loan tablets and internet hubs to get people started and provide six months of free internet connection (20gb per month).

Danni Shaw, Progress Activities Co-ordinator, said: “The project is open to any tenants who require help with their mobile phones, iPads, tablets and laptops. It is aimed at breaking the barriers older people face in engaging with online services.

“When people are having problems engaging with technology and have not got family and friends to offer support, Age UK can help overcome this by providing this support.

The next session is at Amounderness Court in Kirkham on Tuesday 10 May, between 2pm and 3pm.

If you are struggling with your mobile phone, tablet, iPad or laptop, or would like to know more about how to access the internet, please feel free to join us or give us a call on 0333 320 4555.