We understand that as energy bills continue to rise, many of you will be looking at cheaper alternatives to keep warm.

However, some of these other methods may not be safe - or even any cheaper.

Portable gas heaters and camping stoves are flueless appliances and must not be used in a Progress Housing Group property.

This is because:

  • They are a fire risk as they can be unstable (especially with children or animals in the property)
  • All flueless appliances need extra ventilation, without this extra provision the appliance can produce carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion.
  • The products of combustion from a flueless appliance will have a high content of water vapour encouraging mould bacterial growth.
  • They can pose a carbon monoxide risk

Wood burning and solid fuel stoves 

We do not allow these types of appliances to be installed, as these need to be certified on installation need annual chimney sweeping and cleaning.



 More information on gas safety and our annual gas safety checks can be found on our website by clicking here.

For more information on portable electric heaters click here: Are portable heaters safe? 

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