What’s in a name?

One of our volunteer tenants recently told us that they didn’t think the name of the Scrutiny Pool was very easy to understand – it was not obvious what it did or who was involved.

We thought this was a very good point, and we are glad it was raised. 

Following the initial comment, we worked with our volunteer tenants who are members of the Scrutiny Pool to see what they thought.  They agreed and decided to rename the group Tenants' Voice – Improving Services.

Fiona told us: "When I first came across the term Scrutiny Pool, I didn't know what it meant and what to expect. What were they scrutinising and who was scrutinising who? I felt others must feel like that too so I felt we needed to come up with another name. We came up with Tenants' Voice - Improving Services.

"It is about giving tenants a voice, which is really important."

David adds: "It is necessary to keep up with changing times and we needed a new name that would encourage tenants to make their opinions known about issues that affect them. I do think the new name will appeal to more people and hopefully more tenants from different backgrounds will get involved."

If you are interested in knowing more about this group, or have an area you would like the group to look at please contact the Progress Involvement Team on 03333 204555 or community@progressgroup.org.uk.



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