Value for Money (VFM) is at the heart of the services we deliver. 

We want to ensure that we offer the best possible services we can most efficiently and effectively.

Each year, we undertake a comprehensive assessment of how we are performing and how we plan to deliver Value for Money. We report on the measures prescribed by the

Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) in its VFM Standard 2018. We also report on some of our additional measures. 

You can view our annual VFM self-assessment document here 

The savings we make through VFM activity can:

  • Provide more new homes for people who need them
  • Be invested in local communities, offering a safe and healthy place to live
  • Support people to achieve more opportunities and independence.

We would like to share some examples of our VFM activity. For 2021/22, we:

  • Reviewed several existing contracts totalling £6.4 million and have either maintained the existing cost or contained a low-cost increase. This has kept costs down, saving £0.56 million.
  • Secured new, cost-effective contracts and improved services for tenants.

Some of the contracts we reviewed included:

  • Roofing - we have secured our roofing repairs contract for the next three years, saving £15,000.
  • Specialist baths - we have obtained our specialist bath contract for the next three years, saving £16,000.
  • Bathroom and kitchen flooring - an interim contract has been agreed for one year to enable us to develop our services in-house
  • Decoration vouchers for new lettings - we secured our decoration vouchers contract for two years with no increased cost.

A number of social value initiatives have been carried out throughout the year, with our suppliers helping with community clean-up days. Many items have been donated for the outside areas at our independent living properties, including benches, solar lighting, paint, a shed, and a new fire door at a local community food bank. Our suppliers also donated to our Wish Tree appeal and our community centres.

As part of our recent banking services tender, our supplier has committed to working with us to roll out some initiatives to our tenants relating to financial and digital inclusion, including:

  • Life skills - a programme focused on employability and managing money.
  • Digital eagles - a programme focused on digital accessibility.
  • Money mentors - a free resource to support tenants with budgeting, financial planning, etc.
  • Bank accounts for vulnerable tenants.

We provided training on undertaking procurement projects to aide colleagues across the
Group. The training consists of a general awareness session and six in-depth modules for colleagues who are routinely involved in procurement projects. This programme was completed at the end of January 2022.

For 2022/23, we are planning to:

  • Review various contracts including fire alarms, CCTV, grounds maintenance, white goods repairs and lift replacements at our independent living schemes.
  • We will seek to achieve savings or minimise cost increases and also improve services to tenants.
  • We aim to continually assess opportunities to enhance our services to tenants and actively involve our employees and tenants to achieve value for money.

Social value

We work with a variety of different suppliers and contractors across the country. Each of the contracts we have in place includes a commitment to support our social value work. In 2022/23 our suppliers and contractors will continue to support social value initiatives within
our communities.

Find out more

If you can think of any ways that we can improve our services that could save money, please get in touch by emailing, web chat at, via Facebook/ProgressStreetTalk or telephone us on 03333 204555.