During our most recent meeting in April, our Scrutiny Pool confirmed that their review of the grounds maintenance communication was complete. 

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Our volunteer tenants, who make up the Scrutiny Pool, made a number of recommendations when they looked at how we provide information about the grounds maintenance service to tenants.

Their recommendations have led to us improving the way we provide information. This has included the following:

  • Regular information articles in the quarterly newsletters
  • Posters on communal noticeboards
  • Link to information provided to new tenants in an electronic welcome pack
  • Annual satisfaction survey on the grounds maintenance service
  • Link to Glendale live on the Group’s website – this shows when the next visit to an area is due: Glendale Local - Progress Housing
  • Stories showing improvements made to areas following walkabouts: Your Area | Progress Housing Group (progressgroup.org.uk) 

The improvements introduced will help explain the grounds maintenance service to tenants, so everyone knows what to expect.

Thank you to all our volunteers for their time and support to help deliver improvements to all our tenants.

Full the full report about the grounds maintenance recommendations, click here: Full report

You can read our previous Scutiny Pool update here: Scrutiny Pool update - Spring 2022 | Progress Housing Group (progressgroup.org.uk)


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