Our volunteer tenants, who make up the Scrutiny Pool, are currently reviewing the electrical testing process to see what improvements can be made to make this a better experience for all our tenants.

The review is due to complete over the next few weeks, so we will let you know what they
found in the next newsletter.

Since our last update, we have been working hard to put in place some of the recommendations made by the Scrutiny Pool. This has included:

  • Providing posters on all our communal notice boards to show what we do to keep the local areas clean, safe, green and connected.
  • A new tenancy sign-up process is being introduced to provide better information to new tenants.
  • Carrying out an annual survey of the grounds maintenance service.
  • Sharing improvements made following a walkabout of the area on our website and in our newsletter. 
  • Tenants starting to chair Scrutiny Pool meetings again.
  • Writing a code of conduct specifically for external contractors and suppliers.

We are still working on other recommendations and will keep you updated once these
have been implemented. 

We want to thank all our tenants who volunteer their time to help us make improvements to our communities and the services we provide. This can involve attending meetings, carrying out community and home checks and taking part in talk-back. The time and effort put in definitely helps to make improvements for all our tenants. Thank you for everything you do.

Find out more
If you would like to find out more about how to get involved or suggest an area to be reviewed, please contact the Progress Involvement Team on 03333 204555 or email community@progressgroup.org.uk.