We’re proud to be supporting LGBT+ History month, which takes place every year throughout February and was first established by the charity Schools Out UK.

We want to help raise awareness of the LGBT+ community, along with the challenges that people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender face. As a diverse organisation, we’re proud of our work around inclusivity and our commitment to our LGBT+ network, not only for our colleagues but our tenants too.

This year, the LGBT+ History Month theme is ‘Politics in Art: The Arc is Long’ which references a Martin Luther King quote and indicates that social change is happening and that we’re moving towards a fairer and more inclusive society.

Nearly 20 years ago changes began to take place with the repeal of section 28 in 2003 of the Local Government Act. The repeal overturned the 1988 legislation that prohibited the promotion of homosexuality in schools, and stopped local authorities investing in services for the LGBT+ community. It was a turning point in the UK and recognised the success of campaigning by organisations like Stonewall and Schools Out UK.

Throughout February, we will be celebrating our LGBT+ network, with blogs, stories and video content. It’s an opportunity for us as a leading housing association to showcase our work around LGBT+ and reaffirm our commitment to inclusivity and equality. Take a look here for inspirational blogs and stories about equality and diversity at Progress Housing Group.