When Executive Director (Operations and Support) Tammy Bradley accompanied Lead Locksmith and Joiner Paul Heald for the morning, it was more than just finding out what his job entails.

It was about two colleagues getting to know each other and swapping stories.

Tammy joined Paul on three jobs as he replaced a broken lock on a communal gate; replaced a loose ground-floor window handle; and gained entry to an empty flat.

Tammy explains: "It was a great morning for me, getting out to see the work that Paul does on a daily basis.

"Paul showed a huge amount of organisation and flexibility, and his skills were very impressive.

"The collaborative working was also good to see, as he liaises with Independent Living Co-ordinators and other colleagues.

"I enjoyed the time to chat with Paul, which is an important part of any working day. It was a pleasure to accompany him for the morning."

Paul says: "I enjoyed the morning I had with Tammy. She gave me an insight into her role and what she does (which is a lot) and details of an interesting tip on a certain app to download. In turn, I gave Tammy some tips of the trade."

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