Our scrutiny group had its first meeting at the beginning of July under its new name, Tenants’ Voice – Improving Services. 

The first items on the agenda were updates on the reviews carried out on complaints and feedback, and tenant engagement. The group noted that good progress was being made, and lots of work was being done to engage tenants.

Members also discussed the possibility of speaking with the government’s Minister of State for Housing as part of the Stop Social Housing Stigma campaign, which Progress Housing Group supports.

The group also looked into the electrical testing process and agreed more information would be available on our website. They also discussed our planned maintenance programmes on tenants’ homes (mainly external repairs like roofing and guttering), and how we keep tenants informed of this work.

The group signed off a new pictorial tenancy guide that has been introduced following one of their recommendations. This guide will help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities in their homes.

Members received a report to show the number of properties accessed to carry out the gas servicing work, following recommendations from the group to change the tone and information provided in the standard letters. The letters appear to have been well received, and we hope to see more operatives able to access the property first time as a result.

  • The Tenants’ Voice group is made up of tenants who support us in improving services, by conducting in-depth reviews of specific service areas.
  • They are always happy to welcome new members, so if you would like to join, call us on 03333 204555 or email community@progressgroup.org.uk.

You can find out more here: Tenants' Voice Group (Your Scrutiny Pool) | Progress Housing Group (progressgroup.org.uk)

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