Tenants from our Independent Living scheme Tuson House in Kingsfold have taken great pride in their garden spaces by enlisting our help to reinstate their flower bed.

Ron and Myra worked with two members of our Governance Team, Emma and Michaela, to create a colourful cottage garden area by the front entrance.

Their hard work was rewarded with a delightful afternoon tea with fellow tenants from Tuson House and nearby Martinfield in the communal lounge.

Volunteer tenant Ron said: “One of the reasons we wanted this garden was to make the area nice for the residents to see and make it a more pleasant place to live. The flowers give us a sense of pride in our community and it is good for us to join in and see the reward.

“I have enjoyed working with the young ladies from Progress Housing Group. It is nice for them to get out for the day and meet the tenants they work hard for.”

Myra said: “The flower bed is beautiful now – I am really pleased. It has been about three years since it had been looked at.”

Sam Beattie, Progress Involvement Officer, said: “The flower beds had bedding plants in every year, but it had unfortunately been left over the past two to three years and was very plain. So we planted some perennials which will add some colour. They will grow and fill the space each year and keep the weeds down, helping us create a lovely cottage garden.

“It is also very wildlife friendly, encouraging butterflies and bees. It is easy to maintain as all you need to do is water the plants in dry weather until they are fully established and the flower bed looks full.”


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