​Last April, the Group joined the government's Kickstart Scheme to provide six-month placement opportunities for young people aged 16-24.

The program set out to help young people who were at risk of long-term unemployment learn new skills and gain more experience. Kickstart has now come to an end and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the departments, teams, managers, mentors and individuals that put their time and effort into developing these young people.

25 Kickstarters joined us in various teams over 2021 and some of them have loved it at PHG so much they wanted to stay. We are pleased to say that nine of our Kickstarters have now gone on to other roles in the business.  

Here's what Katie and Jason have to say about their journey from Kickstart to fully fledged employee.

Katie tells us: "I began my Kickstart under the Quality & Training Assistant. I loved my role so much, that when the job out as permanent, I couldn't help but apply and continue my career in Progress Lifeline.

"The past eight months have been incredible, as I have been expanding my knowledge around the business, coordinating training, and presenting inductions to new starters that have joined our team.

"I have really enjoyed being in such an amazing team, and company, as I have found it such a huge support system. I am over the moon I was able to find myself a permanent role here at Progress Lifeline and I couldn't be more thankful for the Kickstart scheme that helped me into this position."

Jason says: "I worked as an Estate Caretaker Assistant at Progress Housing Group as part of the Kickstart Scheme before applying for this apprenticeship.

"I've always thought it would be really good to get into bricklaying and the apprenticeship has been great so far, I'm enjoying it a lot.

"The whole Property Services Team is well organised and everyone has been really supportive. If people can see I might be struggling to understand anything, they step in and guide me so that I learn, instead of just doing it for me.

"I'm hopeful and feeling positive for the future that I'll pass my apprenticeship qualifications and make a great career out of it. At high school, I always wanted to get into the trades, so now that I'm here and I'm doing just that, it's a really proud feeling."

For more information on Kickstart, visit: Kickstart Campaign | Progress Housing Group (progressgroup.org.uk)

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