Progress Housing Group's Chief Executive, Jacqui De-Rose, responds to the Government's Levelling Up White Paper, and discusses what it means for social housing.

On 2 February, the Government published the Levelling Up White Paper: Levelling Up the United Kingdom.

The social housing sector has generally welcomed the White Paper. With substantial focus on housing, the policy will aim to help make homeownership attainable for more people. Alongside this there is also an emphasis on continuing the improvement of existing housing and promises of reform of the planning system, including regeneration investment and use of brownfield land.

The delivery of the 12 levelling up missions will require partnership working with the social housing sector; it will also provide a new opportunity to position the sector as a key positive contributor and reaffirm the importance of social housing.

We remain committed to ensuring that our current and future customers receive high standards of housing and support; making sure our customers are listened to and represented in ongoing government policy changes.

The levelling up agenda enables us to remind others of the importance of social housing, and the positive contribution we can make as a key partner working alongside other organisations in statutory, commercial and charitable markets, to change lives and create an equitable society.

Jacqui De-Rose

Chief Executive, Progress Housing Group