Over the past few of months we have been working with colleagues from across the Group to talk to tenants and residents across our six housing areas.

This has been a great opportunity to talk to people and find out what they like and what, if they could, they would change about our services and communities.  The overall comments have been really positive, but as with everything there is always something that could be better.

People told us they liked the following things about their community and the services we provide:

  • Good neighbours
  • Living close to friends and family
  • Quiet area
  • Location
  • Close to town
  • Convenient
  • Professional service
  • Improvements made
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Supportive approach
  • Consistent service
  • Overall general satisfaction

They also told us that the following would be where they would like to see improvements;

  • Improving provision for children and young people
  • Increase in police provision
  • Garden maintenance
  • Bins, litter and fly tipping
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Increase in parking
  • Road maintenance
  • Lighting provision
  • Traffic and speed control
  • Gate and fence improvements

Our Area Housing Teams are now looking closely at the comments made by tenants and residents in each area to put together a plan for improvement. 

Some parts of the plans will involve working closely with other agencies to help make changes to our communities.  We will be using these plans to tell tenants and residents about the changes we are making following the comments they made.

The Community Chats have also provided an opportunity for colleagues from across the Group to work together.  We have been delighted to have involvement from our Non-Executive Directors, Senior Leadership, Housing Operations, Finance, Health and Safety, Procurement, Governance, Involvement, IT and Marketing teams.

We are already starting to plan the Community Chats next year, so keep an eye out for the dates being announced and book a place for you and your team to get involved and join in the fun.

Kirsty Ellis Head of Operations (Homes and Opportunities) says: "This is a great example of putting tenants at the heart of the work we do, and talking time out to pause and listen to what their needs are.  What I’ve enjoyed most is listening to the passionate discussions from our teams around making our communities better for all - thanks to everyone involved."  

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