Monday, 10 October 2022 is World Homeless Day.

We're supporting the day by sharing a tenant's story from our charity company Key Unlocking Futures, and an update on the sleep-out our colleagues and partners took part in, raising much-needed funds for Key Unlocking Futures

Key Unlocking Futures supports people across Lancashire to build brighter futures by offering a range of support to help them to find a home, gain employment, connect with their community and boost their health and wellbeing.

Progress Housing Group is committed to supporting vulnerable people. As part of this commitment, we have developed schemes to help people experiencing homelessness in Lancashire.


Corbyn's story

When Corbyn told his story he was waiting for suitable housing and being supported by Key's drop-in support service. He has since moved into supported housing.

I'm 21 and I have Asperger's.  Growing up I always knew I was a bit different and sadly I always felt like everyone was out to get me, either that or they just ignored me.  I always felt unsafe so I wouldn't ever mix with others. I wasn't sociable at all.  When I was about 12 it took its toll on my mental health I felt as if I was sat in a bubble.  I decided to ignore everyone else around me because that's what they did to me.  Growing up was hard.

Earlier this year I was kicked out of home.  I literally had nowhere to go.  I contacted the council's out of hours housing service and I was referred to Key.  Since then I've been back and forth from my mum's house and have been sleeping mainly in my car whilst I wait for a property to come up that is suitable.  My Asperger's diagnosis isn't on my medical records so the local authority do not consider me to be a priority.  Key are helping me get a new diagnosis and have helped me get on the waiting list for housing.

At Key's offices I am able to use their facilities every day.  I can use their toilets, have a shower, wash my clothes and get some food.  I also get to chat with the staff there.  Everyone has been great.

I usually park my car on one of the supermarkets because they are open 24 hrs.   I use my Universal Credit to keep the car going, it's the only thing I have.   I've learnt where to park each day to stay safe.  Often I feel weak and low.   Carol at Key has been great, she supports me and advises me like telling me to go to the doctors when I am down.

As soon as I get my own place I am literally going to go to sleep for 24 hours.  I know that soon I will be safe.  Once I am in my own flat I'll be able to relax, breathe and think about everything, about what I am going to do with the rest of my life.  For now it's important I follow a routine for the day and wait. I've also spoken to an employment coach at Key who has helped me with my CV and will help me find work once I am settled.

Knowing Key is here for me now makes me sigh with relief, for once in my life I know I am not alone.

Corbyn has now moved into supported housing accommodation with Key Unlocking Futures support.


On World Homeless Day 2022, we wanted to thank our wonderful colleagues and partners from The Bell Group and NEO Property Services, who, earlier this year, gave up their beds to sleep outside under the stars to raise much-needed funds for our charity company Key Unlocking Futures.

Thirty people, including 12-year-old Dylan and 10-year-old Harrison, slept outside for the night, raising a fantastic £11,350 for the charity while helping to raise awareness of the services it provides.

You can find out more about Key Unlocking Futures Services here -


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