We take your feedback very seriously and use this to fulfil our ‘you said, we did’ commitment to you.

In particular, we have focused on your feedback about how your community estates look, as we know this matters to you.

Over the past few months, we have completed the following:

  • When we were told by a tenant that there was a bench at the entrance of the Lower Lane estate in Freckleton many years ago where people liked to sit and have a chat, we decided to reinstall a new one. We also planted shrubs and evergreens and more than 300 daffodils.
  • Whilst on a walkabout in the vicinity of Kilnhouse Lane and Derwent Road in St Annes, tenants told us they would regularly find bin bags ripped open by vermin and seagulls, with the contents strewn over a wide area. So we arranged for wooden bin stores to be erected and wheelie bins to be delivered. This environmental improvement has transformed the area and immediately resolved the issues of nuisance animals.
  • After it had been highlighted that Saltcotes Place in Lytham needed our attention, we organised a community clean-up day. Our teams trimmed down overgrown shrubbery, pulled out weeds and replanted some new plants. They also removed bulky waste, and some young litter pickers helped out as they followed an Easter trail.
  • We also held community clean-up days in other areas. These included the Peacock Hall Road/Meadowcroft Road/Stonecroft area of Leyland; Whitefield Meadow in Bamber Bridge; Kingsfold in Penwortham, and Richmond Avenue in Accrington. Local tenants got involved, litter picking and replanting, and they made good use of our skips to get rid of large bulky items.


Tenants say they appreciate the work being done in their areas and so we are keen for you to tell us where needs our attention next.

So to let us know if you would like us to clean up your area, please call us on 03333 204555 or email community@progressgroup.org.uk


We also take your feedback seriously on other issues, including how you like to be addressed when we communicate with you.

In December 2021, we invited you to complete a short survey to determine how you preferred to be addressed – whether this is as a tenant, resident or customer.

Following your feedback, we will use the following terms in our communications:

  • We will use ‘tenant’ when referring to any tenants or group of tenants.
  • We will use ‘resident’ when we mean everyone living in a particular area (not just tenants).
  • We will use ‘customer’ for those who use our services but are not exclusively tenants (for example, Progress Lifeline customers, homeowners, applicants on the housing register).