In December 2021, we invited you to complete a short survey to determine how you preferred to be addressed – whether this is a tenant, resident or customer.

Thank you to the 648 people who responded to the survey.

This is what you told us: 

  • 57 people prefer customer
  • 343 people prefer tenant
  • 257 prefer resident
  • 17 people prefer something different

Following your feedback, we will use the following terms in our communications:

Use of the term tenant

We will use ‘tenant’ when referring to any tenants or group of tenants.

Use of the term resident (in the context of community-wide)

We will use resident when we mean everyone living in a particular area (not just tenants).

Use of the term customer

We will use customer for those people who use our services but are not exclusively tenants (for example, Progress Lifeline customers, homeowners, applicants on the housing register).