To mark King Charles' coronation on 6 May, our tenant, Ron, shares his memories of the late Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 1953

Ron writes: "I was four years old when the King died on 6 February 1952. My older sister and I were walking to the bottom of our street when we saw a man dressed in 'olden-day' clothes. He was the town crier. He was shouting, "Oyez, oyez, oyez!" and ringing a bell he was carrying.

He said, "The King is dead, long live the Queen." We hurried home to tell our mother, who said," He was a good man. I hope she will be a good Queen."

During the following months, lots of preparations took place; when it was getting close to Coronation Day (2 June 1953), people started decorating their streets and houses with bunting and flags strung from lamppost to lamppost. Street parties were planned, and even though some rationing was still in place, people managed to gather all sorts of good things together.

My sister, who is seven years older than me, was preparing to participate in a school pageant. She would receive a small tin of chocolates with a picture of the Queen on the front and a picture book of the Queen's Life story. She still has these (minus the chocolates, of course!)

On the big day, my mother went across the road to my Aunt's house to watch the Coronation on her TV. My Aunt was the only one in the street to own a TV (be it a 12" screen!), so she was very popular, and her house was crowded. The children were left in charge of their older brothers and sisters, who organised games to play.

The newspapers were full of pictures of the Coronation, some of which my sister still has."

Queen Coronation 4

Bus trip from Preston to watch the Coronation


Queen Coronation 2

Street party in Preston to celebrate the Coronation


Queen Coronation 1


Images source: Preston Digital Archives and National Memorial Arboretum 


About Ron: Our tenant, Ron, very kindly wrote the above article for Progress Housing Group, based on his family memories and his own research. Ron lives in a Progress Housing Group independent living scheme. He is a member of Leyland Historical Society and Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society, and frequently provides local history and memory talks.

Thank you so much to Ron for telling us his story!


King Charles' Coronation 2023

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