Doesn’t this look a little brighter?

When a leaseholder told us the flower beds in Queensway Court, in St Annes, were looking neglected, we thought about how we could help.

We organised a community event to tidy the area. We weeded the beds and planted shrubs,  cleared away the litter and some bulky items

Carolyn, Area Housing Officer, said: “A leaseholder told us that previous residents used to maintain the flower beds and now they were looking neglected. He added there also a build-up of litter.

“I met with the leaseholder and we inspected the area. I suggested a community event to tidy and add some TLC to the flower beds, clean up the litter and remove any discarded items that were no longer needed.

“It looks a much better area for leaseholders and tenants to live.”

Before and after of queensway

Tenant Valerie said she loves the new flower beds outside her home. She said: “I am absolutely delighted. It was a bit of a mess before but I am really pleased with it. It is nice enough for us to have a garden party.”

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