We want to offer high quality services in the most efficient and effective way, offering value for money (VFM).

One key part of this is our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which has been particularly important under the current financial climate.

As energy bills continue to rise, we understand the need to ensure your homes and our business operations are as energy efficient as possible.

So, with all this in mind, during 2022, we continued to move forward with the goals set out in our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, including:

  • Carrying out energy efficiency improvements, including loft insulation, double glazing and A-rated boilers.
  • We've signed a new 100% electricity contract, saving more than 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • We have surveyed all 16 of our Independent Living schemes with communal heating systems to ensure they are energy efficient.

    This included upgrading the heating system at Greenwood Court in Leyland with a remotely accessible building management system to help us check energy efficiencies from anywhere, without needing to visit on-site.

    These upgrades are estimated to reduce gas usage by over 30%, with plans for many more upgrades next year.

  • We've provided energy advice to more than 100 tenants.
  • We have installed our first communal electric car charging system at a new-build scheme.
  • We've carried out more than 400 domestic energy assessments, including our first retrofit assessments and plans, following new best practices on retrofitting our properties. This included getting internal employees accredited to carry out this work.
  • We have upgraded our energy modelling software, allowing us to plan our route to net zero better.
  • We have begun building climate change considerations into our business as usual.
  • Going into 2023, we continue our membership of the Zero Carbon Club peer network programme that drives forward the sector's decarbonisation strategies, roadmaps and delivery plans.


If you can think of any ways that we can improve our services that could save money, please get in touch by emailing enquiries@progressgroup.org.uk, web chat at www.progressgroup.org.uk, or telephone us on 0333 320 4555.


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